The Office of Student Development provides a variety of services designed to aid in the academic, emotional, physical, and vocational development of Troy students. Professional staff members strive to help students recognize problems which may impede their likelihood for success and offer services and resources to address their needs. The Office of Student development also assists in the operation of academic registration, drop/add, and withdrawal procedures. The Student Development Department oversees the operations of the units which comprise the department: Adaptive Needs, Career Services, Conditional and Undeclared Student Advisement.Later on, you will hear from our other units, but we would like to speak to the withdrawal process. Withdrawing from the University is never an easy decision to make.

A withdrawal from the University is defined as a removal or withdrawal from all courses for the current semester and/or term. A withdrawal from classes during a semester or term does not remove you as a student from the University. Students may not withdraw after the posted withdrawal deadline. Withdrawing will impact your current financial support, including scholarships, grants, loans, and other such forms of assistance leaving an outstanding financial obligation on your university account. On-campus residents will be assessed all applicable fees, for example, housing, meals, etc. Extenuating circumstances such as military deployment must be properly documented before an exception can be considered.

A withdrawal should not be requested without careful consideration of the consequences that will be incurred, and it is not the only alternative to receiving a failing grade. Students should take every advantage of the resources available to them to ensure success. If there is any way that we can help, please let us know!

-Teresa Rodgers, director & Kerry Andress, assistant director