The Testing and Assessment Center (TAC) is responsible for providing students with a testing environment where tests can be administered accurately and securely. Students may report to our office to take their ACCUPLACER Placement Test and CLEP Exams.

ACCUPLACER exams are for students to identify the appropriate starting level for English and Math courses. We strive to provide you the tools needed so that you and your advisor can work together to help you be successful. You do not PASS or FAIL the ACCUPLACER test; it only determines your current skill level in the area(s) tested so that you can be placed appropriately. You will receive your ACCUPLACER test results immediately and your score report will include placement messages informing you which courses you should take and how to register.

CLEP exams are available for students who wish to gain college credit for a course by paying an exam fee and passing a subject exam. CLEP exams cover a wide range of general studies courses and offer a great opportunity for students who have an advanced subject knowledge and which to “test out” of a course. The CLEP exam fee is $80.

A photo or valid student ID is required to complete an exam, but students may visit our office on a walk-in basis. The only exception to this is during the summer, which is generally our busiest time of the year. We can see, on average, upwards of 1200 students in a 2-month window as they come through their scheduled IMPACT orientation sessions.

For more information on ACCUPLACER exams visit: https://accuplacer.collegeboard.org/

For more information on CLEP exams visit: https://clep.collegeboard.org/

-Chanukah Anderson, coordinator