Trojan Outreach wants you to have a safe spring break!

Trojan Outreach is a peer education program that promotes safety and wellness for Troy University students. Trojan Outreach is set to host their annual Safe Spring Break Week February 28th– March 2nd on the Social Quad. Each day will consist of music, games, and fun, with chances to enter a raffle for their Safe Spring Break Kit. The kit includes several items that a person may need or not think of for a trip during spring break. On Tuesday, the 28th, Trojan Outreach will kick off Safe Spring Break with Drug Education and Prevention. There will be a display of commonly abused drugs on college campuses, including cocaine, heroin, and Adderall to name a few. There will also be an educational game that illustrates what is really happening when you buy or use any drug. On Wednesday, the 1st, Trojan Outreach will focus on Alcohol Education and Prevention. There will be fun games, such as “beer pong”, the drunk driving simulation, and more, but the idea is to shine a light on the reality of abusing alcohol. Students will also have an opportunity to learn about their BAC’s (blood alcohol content) and the laws that can affect them. On Thursday, the 2nd, Trojan Outreach will wrap up Safe Spring Break week with Safety and Sexual Assault Prevention and Education. Trojan Outreach will have the drunk driving simulation again for those who miss it Wednesday, safety packets, and more! At the end of the day on Thursday, the drawing for the raffle will take place and the winner will be announced on social media.

Topics, such as drugs, alcohol, and sexual assault, are very serious topics and Trojan Outreach does not take them lightly. Trojan Outreach seeks to educate students while encouraging students to have fun the safe and healthy way!

– Trojan Outreach