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Student Support Service (SSS) is a U.S. Department of Education-funded program designed to work with college students who are first generation, low income, and with documented disabilities. We assist these students in gaining academic and self-advocacy skills necessary to persist towards an educational goal of two-year degree completion, transfer to a four-year university, and/or complete a certificate program. Services provided to program participants included: academic counseling, financial assistance, transfer preparation, study skills building, test-taking strategies, major and career exploration opportunities, cultural activities, and professional and peer tutoring.

TRiO Aspire Student Support Services at Troy University (Troy Campus) has a hands-on approach when working with students; this approach is designed to aid in retention, provide advisement and assistance to students with postsecondary course selection. Students are given information on a full range of student financial aid programs, benefits, and resources for locating public and private scholarships.  Additionally, SSS provides assistance with completing financial aid applications, education or counseling services designed to improve students’ financial and economic literacy and admission to graduate and professional programs.

SSS provides assistance to at least 555 students at three campus locations every year. Students who participate in the program come from every academic department and major on campus. To participate in the program, students must meet eligibility guidelines that are based on household income, parent’s education, or student disability.  Student Support Services at Troy University works closely with the Financial Aid Office, Office of First Year Studies, the Writing Center, Career Services, Natural Science Center and many others to provide resources and enrichment opportunities to students.

There are 30 TRiO SSS programs at higher education institutions in Alabama, and 1,081 TRiO SSS programs in the U.S. (FY 2015). Student Support Services is a part of a national effort by the U.S. Department of Education to make the opportunity for success in college available to low-income and first-generation students, and/or students with disabilities.

Troy University Student Support Services Staff include TRiO Director: Mary Griffin, Coordinator: Shantel Barginere, Academic Advisor: Courtney Garland, Project Tutor: Rebecca Money-Rembert, and Project Advisor: Atia Brown.

To learn more about the TRiO Aspire: Student Support Services Program, please contact the office at 334-670-5985.



The Adaptive Needs program at Troy University is committed to providing reasonable and appropriate accommodations to students with physical, emotional and learning disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

We encourage students with disabilities to reach out to the Adaptive Needs office, disclose their needs, and complete the application process.  The student is responsible for providing the appropriate documentation from the treating physician, which is defined as follows:

  • Clearly stated diagnosis
  • A Copy of any assessments or evaluation instruments used.
  • Current treatment and medication
  • Recommendations

Accommodations are based on diagnosis and need; some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Extended time to complete tests or in class writing assignments.
  • Quiet testing areas
  • Note taker
  • Scribes or Testing reading
  • Assistance in ordering adaptive equipment
  • Permission to record lectures

Please visit us at 102 Eldridge Hall for more information or you can call us at 334-808-6185 or email us at Alison Hughes, coordinator or Jennifer Sewell, disability specialist