The mission of the John W. Schmidt Center for Student Success is to provide programs and services that enhance Troy University students’ academic achievement, personal and social growth, campus and civic engagement, career development, and persistence to graduation.

  • Provide academic support services to enhance retention and degree completion by Troy University students
  • Impart success skills to Troy University students
  • Ensure student acculturation as member of Troy University

The John W. Schmidt Center for Student Success at Troy University is a comprehensive program that focuses on students needing academic support services as they transition from high school or post-high school experiences to the university experience, as well as during their university experience. This program promotes an understanding of and appreciation for higher education; provides programs and services that improve students’ opportunities for academic success, personal, social, and career enrichment; encourages civic and campus engagement; orientates students to the University and its policies, resources and culture; and fosters the development of positives relations between and among students, faculty, and staff.