The Conditional Student Program offers students a point of contact who provides encouragement, resources to help students excel in their studies, and guides on study skills, time management, and other topics.

Conditional admission is NOT a bad thing! Don’t overload yourself with tough classes; choose wisely.  Remember, you do NOT have to take Math, English, History, and Science at the same time.

Students must meet with their advisor prior to the registration, each registration, for the duration of their conditional contract. Students admitted conditionally are limited to 13 semester hours and they must enroll in instructional support courses like TROY 1103 or TROY 1102.

To earn unconditional status, students must earn at least a 2.0 institutional grade point average (GPA) on the first 12-24 semester hours attempted. Failure to earn at least a 2.0 institutional GPA within the first 24 hours attempted will result in being dropped from the program. Students dropped from the program may not enroll in Troy University for one calendar year. Any student earning a 0.0 GPA for the initial term/semester with at least 6 hours attempted will be dropped from the program. You might not qualify for financial aid (student loans, grants, scholarships) if you don’t make the grades.

To learn more about the Conditional Student Program, or to contact me, click here

-Jonathan Broyles, counselor



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